It was a pleasure working with HomeInspeKtor. Mr. Uday and his team were very thorough and responsive. They examined and assessed the structural integrity, construction features, and basic operating functions. I also appreciate the team bringing major concerns to our attention early in the inspection. They did not wait to write the report to bring concerns to our attention. They took the time to explain their approach and review their findings in great detail. Upon request, they prepared the report just in a day. Moreover, the report was quite comprehensive and the photo documentation made it easy to understand and quite helpful in identifying issues in need of more immediate attention and remediation. I would HIGHLY recommend HomeInspeKtor to anyone thinking about buying a home or in the process of handover after purchase. You definitely need to know what you are getting into. Their professionalism, knowledge, and expertise provided us with more than enough information we needed to feel more confident about our decision.
Swathi, Godrej E-City
Electronic City, Bengaluru

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