Awesome experience!

Awesome experience & extremely valuable report; assuming a layman approach, report format can be improvised, more user friendly, booklet kind where users can easily understand things. Rahul, Independent House, BCMC Layout, Bengaluru

Exhaustive, extensive & informative one!!

The report has been a very exhaustive and extensive and informative one. This report helped us to take up the concerns with the builder to do the needful rectifications.Strongly recommend for all buyers of property.The service is prompt and the …

Highly Professional Approach

Highly professional approach, clear expectation setting, close analysis.. Friendly guys willing to clarify as needed, with extra information offered on the spot. Really impressed with tools and latest gadgets they carried which gave unequivocal results. Tenant, Independent House, Jayanagar, Bengaluru

A Good Initiative !!

HomeInspeKtor is bringing a new perspective which is normally ignored. Generally, home buyer wont know about the nitty-gritties involved in checking the correctness of the house/apartments; only over a period of time, the problems start arising. This is a good …

Very Impressive!!

The concept of inspection is new here & got interesting insights in terms of technicalities involved, be it safety norms, electrical or structural aspects which a normal person like me could not even think of! Need of the hour is their …

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