We always want our newly constructed home to be perfect, but that’s mostly not the case. We take possession of the house with high level inspection, only to figure out some major issues creeping up sooner than later. Then we spend additional money and time to fix it (maybe some interior gets spoiled by that time), get frustrated thinking that this should not have happened in new constructed apartment. The point is ‘a defect that is found early has much less cost and pain attached to it than the one that is found much later’.This is where HomeInspeKtor comes in as a BIGG HELP! HomeInspeKtor allowed me to find out all such issues/defects upfront before the possession of my flat. The team that came for inspection was experienced, trained and very professional. They did thorough inspection of the flat checking for exterior, civil, electrical, plumbing and structural issues in professional manner. This was done over 3 hours with attention to detail, documenting even the smallest issues. Believe me, majority of these issues were not visible with naked eye and I would have failed to catch them if I would have done it on my own. The final report that is generated is detailed providing list of issues, location of each issue and a picture showing the same so that it’s very easy to follow up and track for closure. So I am very happy and satisfied customer and I highly highly recommend HomeInspeKtor to everyone!

Rohan, Prestige Jade Pavilion,
Doddekannelli, Bengaluru

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