As an NRI based in USA purchasing an apartment in Bangalore, I was very wary of the condition and quality of homes being delivered by builders having read countless horror stories from homebuyers. Unable to personally attend the home inspection, I needed someone else to examine the apartment on my behalf. I was referred to HomeInspeKtor by a fellow buyer in the development and in the HomeInspeKtor team I found a valuable partner who was looking out for my interests. I would like to complement Mr. Vivek and the team of home inspectors for their professionalism and attention to detail. They offer state-of-the-art inspection services and examine every aspect of a home including structural, plumbing and electrical systems, which are otherwise impossible to find as a layman. I was particularly impressed with Mr. Venu’s meticulousness of the home inspection and the thoroughness and completeness of the documentation which included detailed descriptions along with pictures. He examined every nook and cranny of the apartment and correctly identified various issues which were then later confirmed by the builder and appropriately corrected. I deeply appreciate the valuable help I received from the HomeInspeKtor team and heartily recommend them to anyone considering buying a home.

Tarun, Hill Crest & Clermont,
Bannerghatta Rd & Hebbal, Bengaluru

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