Home buying is a big decision in anybody’s lifetime and more importantly, once you make that decision you need comfort that the builder has delivered on his promise. This is where I needed a trustworthy partner who could advise me if the builder has lived up to his promise and also suggest potential corrective actions. Today there are few home inspection services in the market. But how do you qualify them as genuine certified home inspection specialists. This is where I had to look beyond costs and evaluate the right engineering qualification, necessary home inspection certification, track record, customer testimonials and customer experience to converge on HomeInspeKtor. After 100+ checks, close to 3 hours of rigorous inspection and good amount of interactive conversations with the assigned professionals, I can safely say that I found that partner! “On the face of it could look obvious (once the results of the checks are shared), but the spectrum of checks across structural, electrical, paint work, dampness, tile hollowness, finishing and safety is so wide that you will not be able to detect without the right expertise.” I personally found that there is no right or wrong time to have the checks done but earlier the better! In summary, would recommend the service to anybody who want a re-assurance before taking possession of their new homes that they got what they paid for. 

Vinayaka, Nandi Citadel
off Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru

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