Home Inspection is the need of the hour, knowing the way Real Estate industry labour force works and the journey that each of us have with builders battling delays, unprofessionalism and so on. HomeInspeKtor helped us to unearth the mystery, things that we need to keep in mind during pre-delivery check. They have a great team who are internationally qualified, know their job well combined with tools/equipment that they use and gave a walk thru at the end of the service.. Since I have studied the market before signing up with HomeInspeKtor, I can advice you all not to fall prey for cheap service providers or those who have connection with construction industry since here we are talking about our dream home, earned from our hard earned money. I strongly recommend HomeInspeKtor to everyone who is investing in homes.
Manoj, Assetz Marq,
Whitefield-Hoskote Road, Bengaluru

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