When purchasing a home, you want an inspection that leaves no doubt. Home inspection is a new concept many are not aware of. Having heard of many issues homebuyers face after few months/years of taking possession, I wanted to be assured of quality before stepping in. The inspection was extremely detailed, thorough and professional. Vivek and his team meticulously checked every inch even in the dark corners.. I was surprised they found many snags which cannot be even noticed by a normal eye. The end report is concise, easy to understand and includes detailed summary with high resolution pictures. Pictures which are marked clearly pointing out the fault understandable by builder to take it further. Overall, I am happy I opted for this service. If you are looking for a great home inspection, look no further than the “HomeInspeKtor”.

Sandeep, Puravankara Westend,
Kudlu Gate Junction, Bengaluru

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