Home buying is one of the big decisions in one’s life and making right choice on trustworthy builder with whom you can have comfort that they deliver as they promise. Most of us don’t think once building is ready self-inspection is sufficient to ensure the quality of work but as we are not civil/electrical expert we miss to notice many key mistakes in our apartments, this is where we need expert third party engineering company, which has experts to carry out detailed inspection of apartment and help us to find mistakes like tile hollowness, mistakes in electrical work, painting, plumbing etc which cant be noticed by ourselves. When we spend huge investment for buying our own home, it is always worth to spend some effort on looking for right home inspection specialist. Since home inspection is not so popular, there are only few home inspection service providers in the market & finding the right service partner is most important where we need to look beyond the cost and look for right qualified team having necessary home inspection certification, proven track record with good customer feedback. I found all this with HomeInspeKtor. They explained entire inspection process in detail and then carried out over 100+ checks, close 3-4 hours of rigorous inspection by their expert team, I can happily say that I made right choice. Even though I couldn’t join the inspection, with their detailed video & photo report and with interactive conversation I was able to understand the importance of having home inspected prior to making full payment to builder. Their inspection checklists are so detailed which covers all parameters related structural, electrical, paint work, plumbing, finishing, tiles hollowness, safety etc where defects can be detected with right experts only. I personally felt I made right choice and I would recommend their service to anyone who want to have assurance prior to taking possession of their new homes. Also, I would strongly recommend to sign up for 2 inspections so that same team can reinspect upon builder clears the punch points from first inspection.
Deepak, Kolte-Patil Mirabilis
Krishnarajapura, Bengaluru

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