What a great experience it was to get HomeInspeKtor team to do the Home inspection for our newly constructed villa. You guys are amazing. First of all, I want to thank you and congratulate your team for being so thorough, professional and efficient. Second, though you are all trained professionals in this field, it is still hard to have an eye to detail consistently when you perform these activities day in day out. You guys are just too good! I had my own doubts before engaging with your team; I had just called your team out of sheer curiosity. However, I am thanking my stars for the decision I made. Your report is very detailed and exhaustive that it makes my life simpler now to go and work with the builder with this list of snag points. I would certainly recommend every homebuyer to get your services before it is too late. Once again, Thank you very much! Good luck for the future projects you undertake.

Vyjayanthi Mala, The Empyrean,
Chikkathirupathi, Bengaluru

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