I engaged the services of HomeInspeKtor to get my flat inspected before possession. I was present at the flat during the time of inspection and found the team to be professional, polite and thorough. They looked into several aspects which I was not aware of and patiently summarized their findings at the end of inspection. I also received a detailed report within 48 hours which was easy to understand. Most lay-people would not have the skills or the knowhow to inspect their home to the level of detail that HomeInspeKtor covers.
The price of getting one’s home inspected is a fraction of the cost of the house, and is an investment that is worth it. This is a reliable way to check if you are getting the home that you really paid for.
I am very pleased with my experience with HomeInspeKtor, and I am happy to recommend them to every home buyer.
Karthik, Mahindra Windchimes
Bannerghatta Main Road, Bengaluru

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