I purchased my dream home from a reputed builder. As government initiatives like Demonetization has affected sales of apartments and builders are cutting cost for profit, I wanted to be sure about the quality of my flat. That’s when I contacted HomeInspeKtor and I consider it the best decision made. The people from HomeInspeKtor who checked the house were professionals from Civil and Electrical engineering background. A comprehensive check of the flat was done with state of the art equipments. All the issues were documented with images. From a small issue like reverse connection of live and neutral wire to water seepage problems were checked. To top it all, the report of my flat is stored in the cloud which is easily accessible to me anytime I want. From my experience I suggest anyone buying a new flat to do Home Inspection and get it done from HomeInspeKtor because they are the BEST. Ultimately spending around 0.1% on Home Inspection for a 60+ Lakhs worth flat totally makes sense rather than loosing Lakhs on damaged furniture because of water seepage. Protect your dream home. Thank you HomeInspeKtor.

Rohit, a reputed builder
Electronic City, Bengaluru

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