We bought our new home recently. Though the builder is reputed and the place looked okay, we felt it was safe to have the place inspected by professionals. We made the right decision by choosing HomeInspeKtor. The team is efficient and competent right from the registration stage to the reporting stage. They were well in time for their appointment. Vivek, Uday and each team member worked diligently going over every relevant aspect of our new home with the right tools. We can confidently say that we wouldn’t have known what to look for or how to ascertain the problem areas. The report was highly detailed and clear. It has helped immensely in making sure our builder has addressed every issue. Our minds are at ease as our house is in good condition before possession. This is an invaluable service especially if one lives abroad and manages a home in India remotely. Thank you HomeInspeKtor!

Usha, One Bangalore West
Dr. Rajkumar Road, Bengaluru

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