5 ways how a home inspection can help interior designers

There are many reasons why an interior designer should insist on his customer get a home inspection done before the interior design work starts. Here are 5 of the top reasons.

Not be caught in a blame game

Once the interior designer starts their work, any issues with the home such as broken tiles or defective electricals found at this time, are blamed on the interior designer and his team.  It is always better to ensure a baseline of the quality of the home before the interior design work is started. This helps avoid being sandwiched in a blame game between the builder and the customer later.

Help stick to the schedule

The interior designer usually works against strict deadlines that he/she has promised to the customer. Any deviations from the promised schedule leads to increased costs or inconvenient discussions with the customer. Getting a home inspection done prevents any  surprises that affects the deadlines thus promised.

Help stick to budget

Any extra work needed to be done by the interior designer as a result of a faulty home, is never budgeted for by the interior designer.  It makes sense in reducing the element of surprise when it comes to the quality of the house so that the interior designer can focus on his/her core competency rather than anything else.

Prevents rework and wastage

Recommending a home inspection helps catch issues with the house such as seepage or dampness early. If these issues are not caught early and instead creep up later, they end up spoiling the woodwork, furniture and appliances – or any other work done by the interior designer – wastage that could have been avoided.  This results in a lot of rework by the interior designer to undo the damage and redo the work.  In such a situation, the end quality of the deliverable of the interior designer ends up being affected.

Prevent brand dilution and loss of reference customers

In our experience we have seen that any issues found with the home after the interior designer finishes his/her work, is somehow attributed to the work of the interior designer. This leads to a dilution of the brand of the interior designer and sometimes leads to the customer not referring customers. It is best to avoid this by insisting on a home inspection before the interior work starts so that this base is covered too.

As you can see, there are many reasons how a home inspection can help an interior designer. We have already partnered with many interior designers who have already recommended home inspections to their customers and have reaped the benefits. All of them are listed here.

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