Build-Inn is an online market place for construction services and materials where customers can directly interact with quality consultants and verified professionals which includes Architects, Lighting Designers, Contractors, Interior Designers, Furniture Designers, Structural Engineers, Landscape Artists on one hand and Plumber, Masonry, Electrical, Painting, HVAC, Carpentry, False ceiling, Fabrication on the other.

We, at De Space, believe that each space is unique and needs to be treated differently. Hence, each project of ours is executed keeping in mind the customer requirements, there personality/lifestyle and the space available.

mygubbi was founded as an e-Commerce company to serve shoppers globally. We are the thinkers and makers with creative edge and diligent workforce, who offer the thing which matters the most- experience. Folks readily work with us for what we offer.

Propadis is a technology-enabled property management platform. It caters to any B2C customers owning an India property + B2B Builders who want to market their India properties to NRIs.

Zippserv provides a comprehensive real estate risk assessment platform covering legal and technical/civil engineering due diligence, encroachment & fraud detection services all under one roof. Zippserv’s vision is to remove the information asymmetry that exists today and empower property buyers to make the right choice by providing accurate city planning information and affordable professional advice, thereby also making the whole property buying experience a stress free one.

BuildKar (formerly known as ApnaStock) is the simplest way to shop for all construction materials and building materials such as cement, sand, RMC, Steel, Bricks, Pipes, Plywood, Electrical Fittings, etc.

eConstructionMart is India’s first active online marketplace for construction and building materials. Facilitated more than INR 100 million of building materials transactions, it is rapidly establishing itself as buying and selling platform in the country.

We are a platform for enabling space and interior design, space planning and project execution spanning into both residential and commercial segments. We bring to you bespoke hand-picked Designers, Architects, Project execution teams and resources enabling you to create beautiful, functional and elegant spaces and forms.

NestAway is a concept. It’s a solution. It’s fixing something that’s grossly wrong. Well, It’s all the three. It’s a new concept for owners. A solution for tenants & its fixing the youth housing crisis in cities. is first of its kind real estate website that deals with all services related to property buying, selling, renting, and leasing. You can use our property search features to find properties for renting or buying as per your need. You can also register with us to post your property details or property requirements and enjoy a wide range of benefits.

We at Dekorizzle is building a highly curated directory of all stores/brands/products related home, architecture and lifestyle. We are working towards giving you a highly curated shopping experience composed of all the things that make your home and life just a little better.

NoBroker is a new home rental platform that makes it easier to find your new home without paying any brokerage. Use their verified listing to ensure you find your dream home by contacting the owners directly.

PropSeva takes care of valued real estate assets such as independent house, vacant land, apartments, guest house, farm house, serviced apartment, office complex, commercial property, and many more. Our comprehensive property management services include overall well being of your property, statutory taxes and other payments, property insurance, finding suitable tenant, maintenance issues, computing rental income, and much more. is India’s largest B2B commerce marketplace for construction, finishes, interiors and decor related products & materials. connects customers (Builders, SMEs, Corporates, Infra companies, people who are constructing homes, apartments, commercial complexes etc.) with suppliers (Wholesalers, Manufacturers) and helps them buy materials and products online.

Cendrol's mission is to transform the construction industry by making cutting-edge construction services and superior-quality construction materials like Cendrol river sand accessible to everyone at an affordable price.

Veneeza Cucine has completed more than 4000 projects in the country. They are one of the pioneers as far as the customized interiors industry in Bangalore is concerned. They are one of the optimum well designed interiors and modular kitchen manufacturer in India.