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HomeInspeKtor is the best home inspection company in Bangalore and Chennai. As trusted advisors, we offer home inspection services i.e. inspections of flats for sale on your behalf, thereby saving time and money for you.

Why Home Inspections of Flats for Sale?

90 %

of flats for sale have flooring issues.

65 %

of flats for sale have defective electricals.

50 %

of flats for sale have damp walls.

Before you buy a flat for sale, always get a home inspection done. While a seller might consider the flat as ready, there are always issues hidden beneath the surface. Issues like seepage, electrical faults, hollow tiles, that can only be found by trained experts with tools. These issues cause a lot of inconvenience, cost a lot of money to fix at a later point in time or more importantly, might be dangerous to life or to the wellbeing of the home buyer and his/her family.  Here are some examples:


Examples of inconvenience are:  Hollow tiles have this tendency to crack open when you least expect them to. When this happens in the middle of the hall and affects most of the adjoining tiles, as it happened in our home, it is something that has to be fixed immediately. Your personal and professional life comes to a standstill, all because you had hollow tiles in your home.

Health and Well Being

Example of health and well being issues are:  electrical faults are dangerous to the occupants or their appliances. Another example is of seepage causing mold over time and thereby being responsible for air borne diseases in the occupants.


Examples of cost: Any of the issues that are undetected in the beginning, will cost you money to fix later. Especially when the flat is already moved into, fixing the issues will always cause collateral damage adding to the costs. Fixing hollow tiles invariably causes adjoining tiles to be damaged. Fixing cracks or seepage issues needs repainting to be done.

There are many sayings that reiterate the benefits of home inspections. A stitch in time saves nine. Look before you leap. Be wise and make sure you find all issues before you buy a flat for sale.

What are home inspections?

Home Inspections are a service (home inspection service) in which

– qualified experts (home inspectors

– use a checklist (home inspection checklist), 

– state of the art tools (home inspection tools),  

– technology (home inspection software)

– to perform an inspection of your home and 

– deliver a comprehensive report (home inspection report) that reflects the

– current state of the home i.e lists out all the issues (seepages, hollow tiles, electric faults etc) in your home.

Home Inspection - Wall Undulations


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