Comprehensive Home Inspection Services

We provide Comprehensive Home Inspection Services. Our trained & certified home inspectors go through your home with the best of tools, aided by latest technology and using a checklist with 100+ checks that makes sure everything is checked and nothing is left to chance. 

The different situations in which our services are relevant are listed below.

Feel free to watch a short video of an inspection, read more about the tools that we use, what we check and a sample of the report that we provide.

Our services

Ready to Move In New Home Inspections

Inspections of new homes bought from a builder/developer, and are either ready to move in or the buyers have recently moved in. Issues found would need to be typically fixed by the builder/developer.

Resale Home Inspections

Inspections of homes that are being resold. Issues found would need to be typically fixed by the seller.

Newly Constructed Home Inspections

Inspections of newly constructed homes typically constructed by a civil contractor or a third party agency. Issues found would need to be typically fixed by the contractor/third party agency.

Rental Home Inspections

Inspections of rental homes that are either being occupied or vacated. Issues found would need to be typically fixed by the home owner/tenant depending on the situation.

Seepage Inspections

Seepage/Dampness Inspections of homes where seepages/dampness is being suspected of. Issues found would need to be typically fixed by the home owner.

Home Re-Inspections

Inspections on any kinds of homes whose issues have been inspected by us and subsequently fixed by the builder/contractor. Issues found would need to be typically fixed by the builder/contractor depending on the situation.

A sample video of our process

Here's a short video that demonstrates the various checks that we perform on site.

The Tools we use

Take a look at how the tools we use make a difference. Tools are what make an inspection accurate. There are many issues in a home that are not perceptible to the naked eye and therefore cannot be caught by a purely visual inspection. Therefore tools need to be used that will enhance the probability of catching such issues. Moisture in walls is one such issue. Recently painted walls might look bright and shiny and feel dry when touched by the hand – but the moisture meter or a thermal camera will be able to give a much more accurate indication of the moisture content of the wall. Hollowness of tiles is another example where a tool, when used in the right way, is able to help catch issues.

What we check

We basically check each and every aspect that can be checked in a ready to occupy home. Our inspectors perform 100+ checks across 8+ inspection categories.


Splitting, Cracks, Slope etc.


Exterior & Interior Painting, Door, Windows etc.


Sockets, Safety, SLD etc


Faucets, Closets, Drains, Valves, Guards etc


Walls, Floors, Joints, Grouting etc

Pest Control

Ants, Termites, Roaches, Bees etc.


Railings, Balconies, Security etc


Cabinets, Cupboards etc.


Energy efficiency etc.


home inspection radiation

EMF Radiation


Indoor Air Quality


Water potability

* Features on the roadmap.

What we Provide

About 48-72 hours after the end of our comprehensive inspection, we send our customers a PDF report that spans across multiple pages. It is extremely detailed, self explanatory and uses annotated pictures wherever possible so that the customer is able to follow up with the builder/contractor to get the issues fixed. The report is also electronically available for reference anytime in the future and on any device possible. The customer can use the report to decide on the next steps regarding the home.
You can click on the image below to download a sample report for you to get an idea of how comprehensive our report is, how our annotated pictures look like, what the report format is etc. Do keep in mind, every house and/or customer experience is different.
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