6 Common Problems With Doors In Indian Homes

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Door: A door is a hinged or otherwise movable barrier that allows ingress (entry) into and egress (exit) from an enclosure.

Common defects observed in doors are:

Unsealed Architrave Gaps

Unsealed Architrave Gaps:

The architraves are the mouldings which are fitted around a door frame, they conceal the joint and any shrinkage or movement that may occur between the wall and the casing within the door surround. If the gaps are not sealed it may lead to infestation of insects which deteriorate the door frame and may also lead to severe health issues and flaws in the appearance in general.

Improper Joint Finishing

Improper joint finishing:

Door joints consist of sharp edges, when they are not finished properly they may cause injuries if not observed.

Lock knob is difficult to operate

Inoperable door knob:

Doors cannot be completely closed or locked due to inoperable door knobs.

Stopper Bush is not installed which can damage the adjacent wall

Non-provision of stopper bush:

Stopper bush is an essential part as it creates a division between the door and the wall, non-provision of the stopper bush leads to damage of walls and doors over time.

Lock set is not firmly attached to the door

Loose fixture of lock set to the door:

If the lock set is not firmly attached to the door it may detach when you pull the handle, damaging the door.

Missing stoppers in the sliding door

Missing stoppers in sliding doors:

Stoppers are provided to prevent the damage in the edges of the sliding doors while using, non-provision to these stoppers obstructs the locking mechanism of the sliding doors.

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