6 signs that a home inspection was done by an amateur

A home inspection is a comprehensive and methodical process that only should be performed by trained and certified home inspectors with the right experience and using the right tools and technology. Even if one of the components of a home inspection is missing, the entire home inspection is deemed incomplete. Here are 6 signs that a home inspection was done by an amateur::

Sign #1: He missed issues that you, the Home Buyer, found later

Sign #2: He caused damage to your home during the inspection process

Sign #3: He caused harm to himself during the inspection process!!

Sign #4: His report was either incomplete or bloated

Sign #5: His report called out issues that weren’t actually issues

Sign #6: He sells, for a profit, your personal + home inspection data without your permission

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should only get a trained expert to perform a home inspection. Do also read the complete post at 6 reasons why you shouldn’t get an inspection done by pseudo home inspectors. | HomeInspeKtor | Your Trusted Advisor