A tale of two companies

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At the face of it, it should be a no contest. A company with tons of experience vs a startup. But then David vs Goliath was also supposed to be a no contest. Goliath was a giant and David was not in the same league. We know how that turned out. 

Nevertheless let’s dig deeper and see the realities of the competitive space in the Indian Home Inspection space – as a home buyer, should you work with a startup or an old company?

Let’s start with the core of any company – its employees. 

  • Guess which company took care of its employees throughout the pandemics?  The Startup!
  • Which company paid its employees their salaries even though there were no revenues?  The Startup!
  • Which company has employees that have served for many years?  The Startup!
  • Which company makes sure that its employees are comfortably transported to the customer locations so that they can focus on inspections?  The Startup!

Let’s now look at the service delivery.

  • Which company has the internationally qualified inspectors?  The Startup!
  • Which company makes sure that its inspectors are trained and certified in the art of home inspections before they are sent to lead home inspections?   The Startup!
  • Which company makes sure that the reports are turned around within 48-72 hours?  The Startup!
  • Which company provides a cloud based system access to the customer so that they can create requests, pay for inspections, view reports anytime, anywhere?  The Startup!
  • Which company makes sure that it is indeed Civil or Electrical engineers who are sent for inspections rather than just any graduates?  The Startup!
  • Which company provides video walkthroughs if the customer is not present during the inspection? The Startup!

Let’s look at recognition.

  • Which company has 100s of 5 star testimonials?  The Startup!
  • Which company has the greater number of video testimonials?  The Startup!
  • Which company has won more awards?  The Startup!
  • Which company has more press coverage?  The Startup!

Let’s look at the management.

  • Which company has its founders answer calls and handhold customers through the onboarding process?  The Startup!
  • Which company has its founders attend inspections every now and then?  The Startup!
  • Which company is focussed on home inspections only and not other sister companies?  The Startup!
  • Which company has its entire management pitch in, with everything that needs to be done for the company?   The Startup!

Doesn’t this make you wonder. Why does The Startup! perform better on every count that matters? The startup doesn’t have a choice! They have to be really good at what they do. They are bootstrapped and  only rely on word of mouth and they better do a great job, consistently!!! There is no safety net.  

Enough said! Act now and choose the startup for your home inspection needs!  

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