HomeInspeKtor is the best home inspection service provider at Anandam Retirement Community

New home owners of Anandam Retirement Community trust only one home inspection provider to provide a world class home inspection service for their prized Anandam Retirement Community home – HomeInspeKtor. Whether it be the trained home inspectors or the latest tools and technology that is used or the 100+ checks that are performed or the wonderful customer service, HomeInspeKtor is way ahead of the competition. We know what exactly to look for in a Anandam Retirement Community home.  Be a smart home owner and contact HomeInspeKtor before you take possession at Anandam Retirement Community.

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They find issues which typical homebuyer would not ordinarily find!

Kalbinder, SNN Clermont Hebbal, Bengaluru  4/5 They find issues which typical homebuyer would not ordinarily find! When my new home was nearing completion and I was intimated handover; I appointed HomeInspeKtor to undertake a thorough assessment and undertake snagging. The service was very prompt and efficient. The whole process

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