Benefits of Home Inspections

HomeInspeKtor has been providing home inspection services in Bangalore to thousands of satisfied customers for the past 3 years. The co-founders of HomeInspeKtor, Sudhi and Vivek explain below the benefits of a Home Inspection. 

There are plenty of reasons on why a home inspection is absolutely mandatory. Here are a few benefits of home inspections.


Get objective and comprehensive data to decide next steps

To a buyer/seller, a home inspection provides objective and comprehensive data about the home in question thereby enabling the buyer/seller to take the right steps – whether it is fixing the issues found or negotiating a right price for the house.


Get a professional opinion about the home

Before entering a real estate transaction, which is usually the most expensive investment one can make, it is always essential that an expert look at the home and provide his/her professional opinion. Trained eyes know what to look for. Give them a chance.


Find obvious and hidden defects with the home

No home is perfect. The number of defects that is found is directly proportional to the expertise of who is looking. When an expert looks at a home, he/she is guaranteed to find many more issues than the common man.


Save future repair and maintenance costs

A stitch in time saves nine. This saying is extremely relevant in the context of homes. Repair and maintenance costs go up all the time. Add to that the cost of material also keeps increasing all the time. Last but not the least, the amount of inconvenience caused by a repair job is the highest after someone has moved in. Be wise and get an inspection before you move in.


Detect unsafe areas of the home

Safety is one of the key aspects that a home inspector focuses on during an inspection. Just wanting to determine whether a house is safe or not is enough justification for a home inspection.


Create a quality baseline of the home

Getting inspections done on a periodic basis gives the homeowner an idea as to how the quality of home is vis-a-vis time. This information can be used for preventive maintenance purposes.

I hope the benefits of home inspections are clarified above. To summarize, a home inspection is one of the most important things that needs to be done BEFORE you take possession of a house. Make sure you don’t miss this.

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