Common Problems With Windows

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Window: A window is a vented barrier provided in a wall opening to admit light and air into the structure and also to give outside view.

Common defects observed in Windows are:

Cracks on window edge beading

Cracks on window edge beading:

These cracks in the window edge beading increase in size over time and sharp edges are formed which may cause injuries.

Strike plate is not firmly fixed in the window

Loose fixture of the strike plate in the windows:

The strike plate enables locking of the sliding windows, improper fixture of the strike plate makes it difficult to lock or unlock the windows and makes the sliding window insecure.

Missing glass panes in bathroom window

Missing glass panes in windows:

Glass panes are provided to create a spotless view, eliminate air flow and insulate your home, missing glass panes obstructs the safety and may cause infestation of insects and mice.

Unsealed gaps in the window frame

Unsealed gaps in window frame:

Unsealed gaps in window frame leads to percolation of water to the walls during rainy season and deteriorates the concrete material causing dampness which in turn damages the overall structural integrity of the walls.

Screw caps are missing in the window

Missing screw caps in sliding windows:

The screw caps are provided to prevent rusting of the screws in the sliding windows, non-provision of these caps leads to deterioration of the screws which causes difficulty to remove the screws.

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