Earthing Simplified

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Earthing is a process of transferring the immediate discharge of power supply directly to the ground with the help of low resistance wire. In  other words, Earthing is the least resistance path for the leakage current to pass to the ground directly. In an Electrical system, the colour of the wire used for earthing is green and this choice of colour is pretty standard in residential as well as commercial circuits. 

Let us see representations of electrical systems with and without earthing and their effects on a human body in contact:

Electrical System with Earthing
Electrical System with Earthing

Electrical system with earthing

This is a representation of an Electrical system with earthing. In this case, the fault current does not pass through the human body, even though in contact, since the electrical circuit system has proper earthing. In the event of fault current in the system, it will not affect the human body as it will pass through the connected earthing system.

Electrical System without Earthing
Electrical System without Earthing

Electrical system without earthing

This is a representation of an Electrical system without earthing. As can be seen, in the absence of proper earthing in the circuit for the electrical equipment, the fault current from the equipment will pass through the human body when in contact. The fault current always  takes the path of least resistance to the ground; since the human body has the least resistance for allowing the faulty current to pass, the human body will experience an electrical shock.

Electrical circuits could be dangerous to the human body if not set up right. It is important to get electrical circuits, especially of new/unknown houses, checked by trained electrical inspectors to make sure that there are no surprises (or shocks) in the future!

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