Changing the world, 1 tree at a time

At HomeInspeKtor, we believe in doing our bit towards society any chance we get. Our co founders Sudhi and Vivek already contribute in time and material to various NGOs. Some of our employees too do their bit in causes such as women empowerment.   While we are committed individually, we also felt the urge to do something at the company level. We strongly felt that HomeInspeKtor, as the market and thought leader in the home inspection industry, should set a high standard in becoming a champion of social causes too.  That is where we zeroed upon Cauvery Calling.

We’ve decided to contribute, on behalf of our customer, a tree to the Cauvery Calling campaign for every inspection that we perform.  We feel that though this is a drop in the ocean, it is a step in the right direction. If all startups followed our lead then this would start amounting to something significant.  This is the least we can do, to make sure that we leave a healthy planet for the generations to come.   

Cauvery Calling is a project launched by Isha Foundation, under the tutelage of its founder Jaggi Vasudev, to support farmers in planting an estimated 2.4 billion trees through agroforestry. It aims to cover one third of Cauvery basin with tree cover as a tool of conserving the river. For more information, please visit