HomeInspeKtor’s partner meet – June 2019

Whether it be providing recommendations of of architects or of interior designers, or suggestions of home service or home measurement companies, or even someone who can help with legal advise regarding a house – Home buyers pose these various questions to HomeInspeKtor, trusting us and our advise in these matters. We have no option but to live our motto as their trusted advisor.

HomeInspeKtor believes in a strong relationship with its partners and in a strong partner ecosystem. Working closely with its partners, HomeInspeKtor continuously looks at adding all-round value to the home buyer. So that we can answer the questions that home buyers put to us.  Together with our partners we work in simplifying the life of a home buyer during and after the house handover process. 

In this regard, HomeInspeKtor organized a partner meet recently. The goal was for the partners to know each other better and brainstorm on additional ways in serving the common end customer. The ideas that came up at the partner meet were thought provoking and innovative.

HomeInspeKtor and its partners look forward to working closely in the days to come to better achieve the common end goal – together delight the end customer.

For more information about HomeInspeKtor’s partners, please visit homeinspektor.com/partners

Bangalore, July 1 2019.