Prabhu, Sri Tirumala Sarovar

Singasandra Hosur Road, Bengaluru


The guidelines regarding RERA is important to every customer along with the general tips shared!

I was quite impressed by your team and the methodology used by them during the inspection. They were punctual in the first place. The work undertaken was very systematic and well organized. The young team pointed out every minute under-quality work. The report especially had all the inspections listed in a very systematic manner. The guidelines regarding RERA too is of good importance to every customer as well as the general tips shared. All photos captured, explanations given were clear and give proper understanding to any lay person. It would be an added feature, if the final walk thru giving the overall summary to the client could be video graphed, so that such a presentation can be sent to the client if he/she is not present during the inspection. Also would suggest to include a Post-check (to be done, after the rectification work is completed by the builder) based on your inspection report. I congratulate your team on the wonderful work done & wish you all every success individually as well as your organization. May you grow well in the coming years.

Hope you enjoyed reading a testimonial about a pre delivery home inspection performed by the best home inspection company in Bangalore – HomeInspeKtor and get to know about all the issues such as seepage, electrical faults, hollow tiles etc found in a new home. 

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