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Detailed report became a great negotiation tool, to dictate my terms in that deal!

I got in touch with HomeInspeKtor for inspection of a property I was planning to purchase on resale. I personally knew (and was a fan of) Vivek, one of the founders. And to be honest, had high expectations on quality of their service even before we started the inspection. To my surprise, end result was far more fulfilling. Their team that did the inspection was truly professional, courteous and hard working. Their eye for detail was immaculate. I had visited the same property probably 10 times before, but never noticed the kind of issues they showed me on that day. They diligently inspected for 4+ hours and gave me a great summary and tour at the end. Two days later, a detail report followed, which became a great negotiation tool for me to dictate my terms in that deal. Their service practically paid for itself. Keep up the great work guys!
Highly recommended.

Hope you enjoyed reading a testimonial about a pre delivery home inspection performed by the best home inspection company in Bangalore – HomeInspeKtor and get to know about all the issues such as seepage, electrical faults, hollow tiles etc found in a new home. 

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