Vivekanandan, The Empyrean

Chikkatirupathi, Bengaluru


Abhijith spent time to explain and clarify the questions I had!

I give HomeInspeKtor team excellent rating. It was easy to order the inspection using their web interface and talking to Mr. Vivek, I felt comfortable in ordering the service. I was given a clear explanation about the service they provide. They quickly dispatched a team to do the inspection. Mr. Abhijith Simhan and his team spent the needed hours to thoroughly check the status of construction. They produced a report with lot of detailed pictures of all snag points. On Phone, Mr. Abhijith Simhan spent time to explain and clarify the questions I had. I highly recommend their service.

Hope you enjoyed reading a testimonial about a pre delivery home inspection performed by the best home inspection company in Bangalore – HomeInspeKtor and get to know about all the issues such as seepage, electrical faults, hollow tiles etc found in a new home. 

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