Most traditional industries are benefiting from the digital revolution i.e. the usage of software and other digital tools to improve various processes within the industry and introduce efficiencies that couldn’t be imagined before. Whether it is app based transportation or online shopping, usage of software technology has made it faster and easier for all participants in a business transaction.

The Home Inspection industry is no different. Use of software in all stages of a home inspection transaction will help both the home owner and the home inspector and move the industry towards smoother home inspection transactions from start to finish. This article specifically addresses the benefits of using home inspection software during the actual inspection. Here are but a few:

Faster turnaround times

Use of software during the inspection helps the inspector in performing the inspection quickly and efficiently. The inspector needs to carry just one device, typically a smart  phone that they are already comfortable with and not worry about carrying additional cameras and laptops. This results in the home inspector turning around reports almost instantaneously and not having to spend any time at all after the inspection trying to get photographs, videos or notes into reports.

Instant Collaboration

The right home inspection software is typically enabled for multiple home inspectors working on the same inspection at the same time. This saves a ton of time for the inspectors as they do not have to spend time syncing their observations into the same report.

No oversights

Usage of the right home inspection software makes sure that the home inspector does not miss out essential aspects of the inspection – the software will gently remind the inspector of checks that haven’t been covered during the inspection.

Effort Reduction

Typically home inspection software offers preset text out of the box. These preset texts could be for individual checks or for category or overall summaries. By using these appropriately during the inspection or after it, the inspectors do not need to spend a lot of time typing up tons of text to show up in the report.

Audit trail

Since the home inspection software captures all meta data about an inspection such as the location, time and user details, it provides an audit trail of the inspection itself. This data helps during insurance claims.

Easy to use

The best home inspection software are the easiest to use. No training is ideally needed for home inspectors for their usage.

Annotate reports

One of the key features of home inspections software is the ability for the home inspector to annotate images. Using an annotation tool the inspector can easily draw attention to specific areas within an image using pre defined shapes or drawing with a free hand. This feature makes the reports focussed and actionable.

So for home inspectors, for reasons listed above, using software to help perform better and efficient home inspections is a no brainer. Go ahead and use inspection software of your choice for your inspections and save time and money.

Sudhi is the CEO of HomeInspeKtor. The inspectors of HomeInspeKtor use a built from scratch home inspection software that enables to turn around reports almost instantaneously. A video that demonstrates their software is available here.