How to protect your dream home

What do you do if your dream home has issues? Read what Mr Salareed Mann did.

Mr Salareed Mann was worried. His dream home had problems. The future was gloomy!


He was standing inside his soon to-be-handed-over home looking at it in dismay. There were many issues that he could see with the home but the CRM in charge kept assuring him that everything would be fixed in time for the handover. Mr Mann did not share the CRM’s belief. He had borrowed a lot of money for this house and a better part of his income over the next 20 years would be used up in repaying the home loan. Obviously he wanted his most expensive investment to be free of defects. He wanted no headaches once he and his family moved in. What could he do? What would others in his situation do? 

Mr Mann took out his smart phone. He started going through the messages in a project specific WhatsApp group that he was a part of. His attention was drawn towards some people excitedly talking about a company that did great inspection work in his project. Curious to learn more, he started digging deeper. He realized that some of his fellow home owners had signed up with a company called HomeInspeKtor. Once they signed up, HomeInspeKtor sent construction experts who did a comprehensive pre-delivery home inspection giving his fellow flat owners a detailed report of all the quality issues with their flats.  His fellow flat owners couldn’t stop singing praises of this company, about how smooth the inspection was, how detailed the report was, how they could get the builder to fix the issues that were found. Mr Mann found a sample report that was circulating around in the group and went through it. Voila! This was exactly what he wanted!


Mr Mann’s mood improved instantly. He knew what he had to do. HomeInspeKtor was a call away. The future was brighter now.

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