Importance of using sealants at homes

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Sealant is a liquid form of material which typically looks, feels, and acts like a gel. Sealant keeps its elasticity and stability in both high and low temperatures. Furthermore, sealant is resistant to other chemicals, moisture and weathering.

Sealants are used to close openings that are difficult to shut with other materials, such as concrete, drywall etc. Desirable properties of sealants include insolubility, corrosion, resistance and adhesion.

When sealants are used between substrates having different thermal coefficients of expansion or differing elongation under stress, they need to have adequate flexibility and elongation. Sealants generally contain inert filler material and are usually formulated with an elastomer to give the required flexibility and elongation. They usually have a paste consistency to allow easy flow and filling of gaps between substrates along with low shrinkage post application.

Proper sealing of windows and doors is something that should never be overlooked. Using a good quality sealant can be very beneficial in protecting a home.

Sealant Usage


Increase Energy Efficiency 

When doors and windows are properly sealed, temperature is regulated during the respective winter and summer seasons. Improper sealing makes it difficult for heating and cooling systems to regulate temperature and may impact the appliances too.

Keeps Insects at bay  

Unsealed windows and doors make it easy for these little creatures like mosquitoes, ants, spiders etc to invade a home.


Not only will it keep insects from moving in, but it can also be beneficial to keep pollen and allergens outside. This can be extremely helpful for those who suffer from year-round or seasonal allergies.

Blocks street noise

Sealing windows and doors properly can also prevent street noise from entering a home and homeowners can continue to enjoy the solitude and serenity of their home.

Increase the lifespan of doors & windows

Due to unsealed windows and doors, the moisture may enter your home and begin to build up inside of windows, doors and surrounding floors and walls, and can quickly grow and become very expensive to treat.

A buildup of moisture gone untreated for a period of time can cause your window or door to begin to warp and lose shape. When properly sealed, deterioration slows down and you can enjoy your investment for much, much longer. It is beneficial to constantly monitor, especially the ones on the exterior side and generally recommended to redo the sealant work periodically.

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