Making of a lady Civil Engineer, against the wishes of many!

The author of this blog is Monika, an employee of  HomeInspeKtor who is a Civil Engineer by qualification. You can get in touch with her here.

Most of the time we just go by the majority or what elders advise. But I feel some things are to be decided on “what really our heart wishes for”. I am a person with a “bring it on” kind of attitude, likes to take up the challenge and enjoy every bit of it. 


One of the challenges was deciding on the graduation specialisation, when i chose “Civil Engineering” stream – I was told that I was not making the right decision, would fail, by my family/ relatives / friends with reasons as to – “I was not strong enough”, “kid”, “short and thin personality”, “girls always choose software jobs”, “cannot do what typically a guy can do”, “will be a site job which a girl cannot do” etc, etc. 


I still remember what my parents told me, making me sit in front of them when it was time to make a decision – “Girl, you know what your strengths are, we know you can do it. Believe in yourself & go ahead. Do what most of the people don’t choose to do & prove them wrong, show even a girl can do it”.


During the selection process, I was on a hot seat, had just 5 mins to think & decide. Being from Sports quota, I had an option to choose any subjects like CS, E&C, EE, IS, Mechanical and Civil Engineering. My heart was beating fast, hands started to sweat and many things running in my mind. Closed my eyes, took a long breath and spoke to “Inner Mee” – Monika, you can do it! Yes, I chose what my heart wanted and decided on my Civil Engineering seat.


All the formalities were completed & I joined my college. I would not say it was easy! Every practical class/lab session was different and difficult too. I remember those hot sunny days, rains, survey camps and instruments being used like tripod, theodolite, total station, level & rods, tapes, etc. which we were supposed to carry from one place to another. To add to that, being a girl had to face typical woman-specific, personal problems too, month on month and as they say about coincidences, would have to deal with it during my practical sessions. Still, I would say, it was fun learning new things and somehow overcoming those difficult times. Time passed and the days too!


Before I realised, I was called on the stage to give my goodbye speech and only then I realized that it was my last day of college and I was at my farewell function. 4 years of my college & hostel life had come to an end, Golden days of my life I can say! What makes it more memorable or my achievement was when my name was announced as “Best Outgoing Student of the year”, not just for academics but being “an All Rounder”. This made my day, week, month, year and more importantly, my parents were proud of me. 


I did it and I am a Civil Engineer, and now working in an industry that is close to my heart but against the wishes of my society 😎

Women at HomeInspeKtor
Women at HomeInspeKtor
Monika as Lead Inspector

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