Plumbing Systems and their maintenance

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In simple and generic terms, Plumbing is considered as a system which deals with carrying of any fluids. Particularly in a home, it deals with potable water being carried from the main source to home and within the home, and carrying waste-water from all the drains to be discharged outside. The various components involved in a plumbing system are pipes, valves, traps, fixtures, tanks and sewer lines. Since the plumbing system is a mixture of various components served for a variety of purposes, often they require maintenance on a timely basis. The main reasons being:

home inspection plumbing
home inspection plumbing
  • Water typically contains some amount of dissolved solids which settles down after some time, and may obstruct the fixtures like showers & faucets, thereby decreasing pressure & water flows.
  • Water contains some amount of minerals and if the hardness is more, then it will result in scale formation inside the fixtures and pipes.
  • When it comes to hygiene, plumbing fixtures could be the major source of contamination. The state of your plumbing fixtures will have an impact on the quality of water you get.
  • Consuming contaminated water can lead to many health related issues.
  • In the traps and drains, there will be accumulation of sediments and grit which may clog in the long run if not serviced regularly; sometimes it may lead to foul odour too.
  • The efficiency of the appliances like water heaters, water pumps, etc. will increase if the appliance along with connected plumbing systems are serviced regularly.
  • It is important to keep an eye on the pressure in plumbing systems since any variation (on the higher side), may damage washers and seals.
  • Detecting any leak(s) at an early level & acting on it, saves resources (time, money etc.) and also prevents moisture intrusion into the house.
  • It’s always economical to repair a fixture instead of replacing it by detecting the fault early since good quality plumbing fixtures are very expensive (on an average).
  • It is always a good idea to flush the sewer lines regularly since trash & grit formation is typically more in these lines and if neglected, can be a good medium for the pest and rodents to make its entry inside the home.

Considering all the above information, it is necessary to service and maintain plumbing systems to increase the lifespan of the system. It will also increase the efficiency of fixtures which in turn can help you in reduced water bills and reducing wastage of water.

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