Top 3 issues found in new homes

Here are the top 3 issues we've found during our inspections of new homes.

HomeInspeKtor has performed 1000s of inspections of ready to occupy new homes across 100s of projects in Bangalore. Our inspectors have found and documented various kinds of issues in each of these inspections. This has given us a ton of data about the different kinds of issues that ready to occupy homes in Bangalore typically suffer from. From that wealth of data here are the top three issues that we have found nearly everywhere:

Hollow tiles

It is no surprise that hollow tiles are at the top of the list of issues. Every new home has hundreds of tiles and considering the fact that all of them have to be laid by hand, the chances that one or more of them have been improperly laid is very high. We have found hollow tiles in almost all of the homes that we have inspected. It is very important to fix these hollow tiles at this stage otherwise the cost and collateral damage of living with or fixing a hollow tile after one has moved in is significantly higher. 

p.s. Typically only an expert can determine the hollowness of a tile. While some tiles might sound hollow when tapped on, not every such tile is improperly laid.  🙂

Seepage issues

For a city that has water scarcity issues more often than not, it seems surprising that seepage is that common an occurrence.  Unfortunately that is the case, many of the homes that we have inspected have higher than allowed levels of moisture on the surface of the walls especially those adjoining the bathrooms. This seepage not only spoils the aesthetics of the walls and anything adjoining, but also is harmful as it provides a breeding ground for mold which leads to a host of health issues. Therefore it is absolutely essential that these seepage issues be caught and fixed at the right time.

p.s. Tools such as the moisture meter need to be used to determine the moisture content on the surface of the wall. While some damp areas are visible to the naked eye, there are many that only reveal their dampness via a moisture meter wielded by an expert. 🙂

Electrical faults

Electrical faults are the third most common types of issues found in ready to occupy homes. The issues vary from phase-neutral reversal to the circuit breakers not working. While some of the issues might be trivial, many of the electrical faults have the ability to cause damage to either the appliance connected or more dangerously, the human being operating it. It is imperative that these electrical faults be found and fixed BEFORE the home is occupied.

p.s. Electrical faults are best left to be detected by trained electrical engineers/experts. 🙂

There you are – those are the top 3 issues found in ready to occupy homes. Don’t be penny wise, pound foolish. Get experts to inspect your home and save time and money!.  

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