Why are reinspections necessary?

The trend today is that more and more Home buyers like you are getting their homes inspected by home inspection providers such as HomeInspeKtor. An excellent decision indeed since anywhere between 10 to 100 issues are found in each home that is inspected. The inspection gives a comprehensive report listing out the issues that you would have taken to the builder to get them rectified. Most builders, to their credit, attempt to fix the issues that were raised and intimate you once their teams have fixed the issues. The onus is now on you to take possession of the home and the last chance for you to raise flags if any. This is where many questions are raised:

Are the Issues really fixed?

How can you be sure that the issues are really fixed? Can you trust that the builder did indeed fix all the issues? Past experiences have shown that there usually is a slip between the cup and the lip i.e. between what the builder asks to be done vs what the team at site actually does. 

Do I have the tools and/or expertise to check everything?

To be sure that the builder has indeed gotten everything fixed, can you manually verify the fixes? If the original inspection needed tools to fix the issues, wouldn’t it make sense that the inspection now also needs tools? What about the technical expertise? Would you be able to figure out if a hollow tile is indeed fixed? What about defective electricals? What about dampness? 

Who is the best person to check my home?

The most important question: who is the best person to validate if the issues are indeed fixed and there are no other issues?

It is clear from the questions above that it is best that the original home inspection team be called again to recheck the state of the home. They have the history and the data of the original inspection and the tools plus expertise to figure out if the issues have indeed been fixed. Getting an assurance from them should be your #1 priority. This would bring the complete process to a logical conclusion. Remember, at this stage, the ultimate consequences of open issues is pretty high since the builder will refuse to fix anything once you take possession of the home. The time to raise issues would have passed.

If you have the same valid questions as the above, remember to call HomeInspeKtor today to schedule a re-inspection. Avoiding a reinspection is foolhardy. Quality is an iterative process – make sure you safeguard your most important possession.