Four reasons to should choose HomeInspeKtor for your Inspection needs

Multiple Reasons to choose HomeInspeKtor

1. Quality of Service

The best home inspections in India are performed by our inspectors – We leave behind a trail of delighted customers. Go ahead and read our testimonials for all our customer success stories!

2. Technology and Tools

Custom cloud based mobile app & state of the art equipment like clamp meters, moisture meters, fault detectors, IR thermometer etc. to perform home inspections. This ensures that you have information that is accurate, reliable and actionable.

3. International Affiliation

InterNACHI is the world’s largest inspection trade association of certified home inspectors. We have partnered with InterNACHI to improve safety & quality of homes for buyers, sellers and tenants through our India Chapter in Bangalore.

4. Proven Process

Comprehensive inspection process spanning multiple inspection categories with 100+ checks. Click here for more details.