Additional Benefits of Home Inspections in the new world

Here's how home inspections in the post COVID-19 times will benefit home buyers even more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life worldwide as we know it. The number of infected cases worldwide is in the millions and the number of deaths is in the tens of 1000s. These are crazy times indeed but there might yet be a silver lining, especially for home buyers. Let’s cast a look into the future and see how:

  • Safer inspections: This is a no brainer. For the safety of the home buyer and the inspector, it would become mandatory for the home inspectors to use the right personal protection equipment (PPE) for every inspection. In fact there are COVID-19 specific home inspector certifications that have become the norm for home inspectors to continue operating in these times. Some companies like HomeInspeKtor have already started adopting these standards as explained here. Other have no choice but to follow. 
  • Remote Home Inspections: Home buyers presence during the inspection becomes optional. Considering the current circumstances, the presence of the home buyers during the inspections need not be insisted upon. This is a blessing in disguise especially for outstation home buyers, who have an option of no longer having to travel for inspections. This also means that the home inspectors would need to be trained and equipped to convey the findings of the inspection asap to the customer via online tools.
  • Insistence on Trained & Certified home inspectors: Keeping the point about remote home inspections in mind, home buyers will start insisting on only trained and qualified experts performing home inspections. This will be a good thing, considering the fact that trained and qualified experts will catch more issues with the home as compared to untrained personnel that some home inspection companies get away with today.
  • Focus on Quality: Consider the fact that the pandemic has forced each of us to start focussing on personal hygiene and cleanliness since doing otherwise puts us and the society on the whole at risk. The same will extend to our new homes as well. Home buyers, as a group, will become more quality conscious and will compromise far lesser than earlier.
  • Quicker reports: Home buyers will start expecting reports sooner than earlier. Some inspection companies offer lower prices but then take all the time in the world to turn around reports. This will no longer be acceptable to home buyers. 
  • Transition to a Buyers Market: Considering a slowdown in sales over the past few days and for the foreseeable future, Real Estate could soon become a buyers market and existing customers cannot be antagonized. Home buyers could start expecting better responsiveness to home inspection requests and more importantly, the issues that would be found during a home inspection. 

There you see, the post COVID-19 era would have a silver lining, especially for home buyers. If you are considering a home inspection once these troubled times have ended, selecting HomeInspeKtor will be the best option for you.

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