6 reasons to choose HomeInspeKtor vs its Competitors

Why is HomeInspeKtor better than its competitors? Here are six reasons to help you make an informed decision in choosing the right home inspection company – us.

Reason #1: No distractions - The company only does inspections

HomeInspeKtor, as the name suggests, is only into home inspections.  We have no other distractions like project management consulting or interiors or home services. This is a conscious decision to remove any kinds of bias that might exist if we had any other side/main businesses. No conflict of interest exists with our company. This means our customers get inspectors who have only been performing home inspections for a long time and therefore are masters at it. They will find all issues that can be found, rest assured. When you look for an inspection, choose HomeInspeKtor knowing that we are the best company at home inspections since that is our core competency.

Reason #2: People - Civil or electrical engineers not psychologists!!

Our home inspectors are internationally certified civil or electrical engineers. We believe that only inspectors of that calibre will be able to do a thorough job of inspecting your home. The consequences of missing an issue during an inspection is significant in terms of money and safety. Our competitors apparently use psychologists (😲) to inspect homes. Now, that is their choice but we wouldn’t trust them to inspect homes and recommend that you don’t either. Read more about our team here – https://www.homeinspektor.com/team/. When you pay for an HomeInspeKtor inspection, you get what you paid for – the best inspectors. 

Reason #3: Technology - Tech usage resulting in quick report turnaround

Once you order an inspection from us, you will realize that our home inspectors are armed with iPads and use these iPads diligently to perform the inspections. Unlike our competitors who use pen and paper and a camera to take down observations – our inspectors are completely tech-enabled. They use our custom built application on the iPads to take down all observations, all the pictures, annotate them etc essentially getting your report prepared in parallel.  No wonder we turnaround reports in 24-48 (on an average) hours unlike our competitors who take upto a week. Read more about the advantages of using technology for inspections here – https://www.homeinspektor.com/how-software-can-help-with-performing-better-home-inspections/. Want the quickest reports, choose HomeInspeKtor. 

Reason #4: International Standards - InterNACHI India chapter

InterNACHI (International association of certified home inspectors) is a world renowned body that has been setting high standards and benchmarks for inspections all over the world for the last 20 years. To make sure that we adhere to those high standards, we have tied up with InterNACHI and set up its India chapter in Bangalore. Read more about the InterNACHI India chapter here – http://intl.nachi.org/india/. We also make sure that every inspector of ours passes the InterNACHI certification before they start performing inspections. This way you only get highly trained and certified inspectors to safeguard your most important possession – your dream home.

Reason #5: Customer focus - 3 time more testimonials than our competitors

We are the number 1 home inspection company in India ranked on customer satisfaction.  The proof of the pudding lies in the eating as the saying goes. When your customers praise you consistently, you know you are doing something good and making a difference. We have 3 times more customer testimonials than our competitors combined.  Whether it be textual testimonials or video testimonials or testimonials on google, we have them all. If you’d like to look at them, you can either look at the ones we have on our website: www.homeinspektor.com/testimonials or search for “HomeInspeKtor Testimonials” on Google. Read what our customers have to say and then make the right choice.

Reason #6: Experience - 300% more inspections than our competitors

Continuing with the proof of the pudding analogy, we have performed 300% more inspections than our nearest competitor.  So many paying customers cannot be wrong in trusting HomeInspeKtor versus our competitors. Remember EVERY customer of ours is smiling at the end of the inspection. How do we know that – we click a groupie at the end of the inspection ONLY if the customer is satisfied and agrees to it. Guess what, every customer proudly poses for our groupie. Wanna look at some of them? Head over to our FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/homeinspeKtor/ . Watch our satisfied customers and take the correct decision. 

Hope these reasons help you make the right decision. Remember it is not always about the price. Call us today to learn more.