Plumbing Issues

It has always been noticed that many home buyers/tenants move into new homes without paying much attention to the state of plumbing system only to realize later that everything isn’t as rosy as they thought.  Before you move into a new home, it’s always advisable to look at the state of pipes and plumbing system to avoid small issues that can result in a major headache and financial burden.

Below given are the most essential facets of plumbing that will give you a good head start when evaluating the suitability of a new home:

1. Leakages

Leakage is a commonly seen issue in high-rises. It might not always be in your home, but your neighbor’s plumbing might be leaking. The typical reasons for faucet dripping and other leakages include corrosion, mineral deposit on the internal parts, or defective gaskets, o-rings, or worn-out washers. Also, most of the times, the plumbing valves, supply lines, faucets, toilets or washer/dryer hoses would not be changed periodically leading to leakages.


Make sure to:

  • Run all the Taps and Showers
  • Turn on all the Faucets
  • Flush all the toilets
  • Switch on the Geysers
  • Check the Water pressure

Ignoring a faulty tap or faucet can turn a simple repair into a huge plumbing replacement project. You may end up breaking the wall and replacing a huge faulty pipe hidden behind the walls.  

2. Quality of Plumbing Materials

The quality of pipes, taps and other plumbing fittings is of highest priority. You should be aware of the best quality brands available in the market. Good quality is a must because the pipe should be strong enough to support the water volume. Higher volumes require stronger piping and increased support. When the plumbing system is not supported by the right pipes or structure, leaks may develop and in the worst case scenario the pipes could burst!!!!

3. Slope of the Floor

This is one of the most overlooked facts while checking the plumbing system in the house. And this is also, one of the toughest to check because you cannot make out anything from the exterior look of the floor in the toilets, utility areas, balconies etc. What happens most of the times is, the slope of the flooring is done in such a way that the water starts flowing towards the wrong direction. The cost involved in redoing the floor will cost you a fortune.

4. Clogging

Again, this is also another common problem for those who are planning to buy renovated homes or moving into rental accommodations. Clogging need not be at the surface levels, sometimes simple drain busters might not work and you would be left wondering what could be the cause. And it could be a major clog in the main sewer line unseen, but can cause extensive damage inside a home.


Home Inspection – An Essential task !   HomeInspector

These issues again and again emphasize the fact that Home Inspections are the order of the day. These inspections open up and reveal many hidden and unseen plumbing issues hence save us from massive damages and heavy expenses.

We will be coming up with more aspects of plumbing………



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