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Once someone opts to go for a home inspection service, they have taken the most important step towards getting insights on their dream home and understanding if the property is of the right quality. This makes the home buyer better than most of the Indian home buyers who do not engage the services of a professional home inspection organization.

Now that the first and the most important step towards property inspection has been taken, how does one make the most out of this service? What does one expect during the course of the inspection?

Considering that home inspection in India is relatively a new concept, it is valid that anyone would have a set of doubts and questions about the home inspection service and processes involved. This blog will clarify what exactly one should expect during a home inspection visit.

  1. One should expect to meet home inspectors who are internationally qualified and trained professionals, who know what they are doing and are really good at their job.
  2. The home inspection process would require a minimum of 2-4 hours (depending on the size and layout of the property being inspected) for a comprehensive inspection. The expectation is that the house owners would be available for the whole duration or at least a part of the inspection, so that they get a first-hand experience of what gets inspected and how thorough the inspectors are.
  3. A thorough and comprehensive home inspection needs all utilities (electricity fixtures, water supply, plumbing inspection and the like) to be completely looked into. One needs to ensure that all of this is inspected before the home inspector wraps up his or her inspection. After all, no one likes an incomplete inspection!
  4. The home inspectors would have the required tools and equipment to look for issues that the human eye would otherwise oversee or ignore.
  5. The home inspectors would gladly answer any questions one might have, but only after the property condition assessment is completed. Questions asked during the course of inspection tend to slow down the inspectors and might lead them to overlook issues.
  6. The home inspection process is a non-invasive/non-destructive process – meaning that the home inspectors will leave the home the way they entered it. There will be absolutely no damage caused by the home inspectors.
  7. Safety of the home inspectors is of paramount importance. Home inspectors might refuse to carry out certain checks if they believe that their well-being is going to be compromised.
  8. The home inspectors capture as much information on site as is required for them to provide a comprehensive report to homeowners. It is best to rely on their expertise and let them do their job.

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