building-390949_960_720Home Inspections is assumed, at least in the western world, to be a worldwide practice. Not really. What is a common practice in the rest of the world is not so in India.

Why is this? While the real estate market is flat if not growing, the houses are getting more and more expensive. In fact a German colleague of mine used to remark that for the price of a 3BHK in Urban Bangalore, you can literally buy a castle in Germany. Add to this, the fact that quality, especially amongst the tier 2 – 3 builders is rarely guaranteed, and you begin to wonder why Home Inspections has not started earlier.

Better late than never though. is here to change this. Watch this space on how we will do this.

Sudhindra Naib

Serial Entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in Solution Management and Technology Leadership. CoFounded 4 companies. 2 patents held. I love innovating.