Is your home ready to be inspected? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind before you schedule an inspection:

When did you last visit the home? If you haven’t visited the site within the last 2-3 weeks, make sure you visit it again before you schedule an inspection.

How is the state of the home the last time you visited it. Did the home look complete to you? What did the Builder/CRM say? Remember that seeing is believing.

How is the readiness of the home in your own layman terms? How does it measure up against the specifications you were promised? No point in scheduling an inspection when you yourself are able to determine the incompleteness.

Has the electric connection provided to your home? If there is no power then a crucial part of the inspection to do with the Electricals cannot be checked.

Is running water available in various outlets in the home?  Have all plumbing fixtures been fixed? Plumbing is another important part of the inspection. It cannot be inspected if there isn’t running water or fixtures missing.

With these basic checks, you can make sure that

a. all amenities that are needed for an inspection are already available

b. anything that is so obviously incomplete is first completed by the Builder

This way you make sure that the expert inspectors can perform a thorough inspection without any hinderances. Once you are ready, call HomeInspeKtor!


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