As a buyer it is your right to expect a quality product. Whether you are buying vegetables, or electronics, you want value for your money. No one likes to be cheated. You pay for something and the minimum you expect is for the product that you bought to function according to specification.  Let’s look at some of the parameters that affect quality of a product:

Product Life:

An aspect that affects your perception of quality is life of the product. The last thing that you want is for the product that you bought to start malfunctioning within a few days. This conveys a very bad impression about the product and you start wondering about the decision you made to buy.

Product Cost:

Another aspect that affects your perception of quality is the cost of the product.  When you pay a premium for a product, your expectation of the quality of the product is sky high.

Product Sentiment:

Some products are emotional buys. The more emotional the buy, the lower you feel let down when the quality of the product you just bought disappoints you.

Product Verifiability:

Another thing you need to keep in mind is how you would check the quality of everything that you buy?  It is easy to check the quality of some types of products but not all. What do you do to make sure you are not taken for a ride?

There is one product that satisfies all the criteria above. It is a product that

  • needs to be long lasting,
  • is one of the most expensive and
  • is a truly emotional buy
  • whose quality is difficult to check.

You would have guessed it by now – the product that I am talking about is your dream Home. When you buy a home, you expect it to last forever, you pay through your nose for it and it is an extremely emotional buy. Unless you are an engineering expert, you cannot really gauge the quality of a home all by yourself.

The question therefore is – How do you check the quality of a home?


Here’s what I recommend. Call an expert. There are experts who are able to gauge the quality of a house based on what they see, using the right tools. These experts are called home inspectors. Getting a home inspected by a home inspector is one of the wisest things that a new home buyer can do. Home inspectors will visit your home, perform a detailed evaluation and give you a comprehensive report that enables you to take the appropriate action.

Be a wise home buyer. Go ahead and consider a home inspection today.

Sudhi is the CEO of HomeInspeKtor– A company that performs the best home inspections in Bangalore.  

Sudhindra Naib

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