We have the best home inspectors in India working for HomeInspeKtor. Here are just a few of our testimonials to support our case.

“Very efficient and professional team!!!!”

“Vivek and team did an excellent job in the pre-delivery inspection of my villa”

“They have done fantastic job of finding out hollow tiles, problem in door finishing, piping problem, crack in wall etc.”

“They have a very professional team and the quality of their inspection is excellent and can be trusted.”

“Inspection quality, detailing & ownership of the job is excellent.”

These are just a few. Many many such glowing testimonials can be read at https://www.homeinspektor.com/in/#testimonials.

Here are the characteristics that make them the best:

  • Well trained : Each inspector undergoes a rigorous training regimen on the latest tools and technology that we use before they are sent to the field. This way we ensure there are NO goof ups. Ever.
  • Well qualified : Each inspector of ours is typically an engineer in a core discipline. This means that their basics and product knowledge is second to none.
  • InterNACHI affiliated : Each inspector of ours is well versed with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors curriculum for home inspections.
  • Cross functional : Even though our inspectors have core engineering skills, they are trained to perform the entire inspection – which spans across different skills.
  • Good communicators : Our inspectors have good oral and written communication skills. This is reflected in the high standard of communication that is exhibited in their interactions with our customers – whether it be during phone calls or in the quality of our reports.
  • Technology up-skilled : Each inspector of ours is trained to use our custom built and state of the art mobile app to perform the inspection. They are great at handling the digital technology tools that are required in performing an inspection.

So if you are shopping around for a Home Inspection – do not compromise. Come to us at www.homeinspektor.com or 98450 50336 and be assured of the best home inspectors in the business.

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Sudhi is the CEO of HomeInspeKtor– A company that performs the best home inspections in Bangalore. 

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