It is always pretty exciting to move into a new home, whether a rented property or own home. Most of the time, we tend to overlook problems with the property because we are in a hurry to move in. Usually, the rental broker or the property owner tries to rush you or pressurize you to make a decision as soon as possible. Also, sometimes we get swept up by the internal decoration.

It is of utmost importance that we make sure that we properly check the place by experts in that field and that the place fits our needs. Any issue found needs to be fixed by the landlord before you sign the Rental/Possession Agreement.

Over the next few days, we will blog about some of the most commonly found issues – that you should look out for – while moving into a rental accommodation or a new home. Watch this space.

Sudhindra Naib

Serial Entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in Solution Management and Technology Leadership. CoFounded 4 companies. 2 patents held. I love innovating.